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UBF Evolves

Welcome to our new venture and passion for whole body wellness.  UBF is now offering All Natural, Organic products for the mind, body and spirit, including Hemp Based Skincare, Topical Pain Management with natural anti-inflammatories, mantra temporary tattoos, and DoTerra essential oils for whole body health.  Coming Soon to local retailers in the Tampa Bay area, PLUS special deals to our quests.  We are excited to continue Empowering the Cycles of Life!

Product Lines for Retail & Distribution

HumanKind Skincare

Conscious Ink Manifestation Tattoos

DoTerra Essential Oils

Kingdom Botanicals CBD Oil (Now includes a full pet selection)

UBF Botanicals & Lava Infusions

About Me

I am a true believer in the natural healing abilities of plants and essential oils.  I am an entrepreneur, natural product marketer, and fitness instructor.  After being injured and diagnosed, with what the doctor's believed would be chronic pain, I discovered the powerful benefits of CBD oil.  I have a love for all things cycling, indoor and outdoor, but my injury had required me to stay off the bike.  With the use of CBD oil as a dietary supplement and Humankind's topical pain options, I am happy to be back on my cycles and pain free.  This experience led me to further research on the benefits of CBD for the whole body, including our largest organ, the skin.   My love for cycling continues and I am still able to teach my Spin classes.  As a Spinning Instructor, I have a real passion for music and create playlists on a regular basis. Follow me on Spotify for inspiration and find one of my 500+ playlist to uplift and motivate your day. 

Empower the Cycles of Life

Our goal is to empower healthy cycles and whole body wellness.  We are excited to take you on a journey of health and wellness in a search for full body balance.  We are inspired by active lifestyles, cycling, natural products for every cycle of life, music, talented musicians, community, and a peaceful mindset.  We aim to educate you with the options to explore, offer quality products that heal, inspire, and transcend the body into a state of homeostasis, while connecting you with an open minded community of Natural Wellness!