Please Enjoy a CUP OF JO but don't forget to DONATE DOUGH! 

We are pleased to be able to provide a variety of Kcup flavors and filtered water for the coffee machine but ask that you please help us keep your bar stocked by making a small donation in the coffee box. 
Thank You.

BIO Coffee
Now Available in The Urban Fuel Bar

80% Wheatgrass 
Organic Arabia Coffee

Increase Energy
Whole BODY Health
High in Fiber
Caffeine Free
Improves Digestion
Lowers Cholesterol 
Lowers Blood Sugar
Detoxifies the Body
Increases Focus
Promotes Clarity
Feel the Difference

Box of 16 for $25.00
Individual Pack $2.00


Experience the Many Benefits of BIO Coffee, made with 80% Wheatgrass, this amazing product  works as a Full BODY Cleanser.  
Re-Energize and Feel the Difference in your Whole BODY!

Re-Fuel your Body and Re-Charge your Spirit with Hydration & Protein Boosters for a healthy metabolism.

Open Before and After each Class 

Please recycle!

Fuel Bar Pricing

Bottled WATER        $1
EmergenC  Vitamin Booster 2/$1
Bio Coffee (Individual Pack) $2
Bio Coffee (Box of 16) $25.00

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Kcup Varieties  Donation Please

Spinning® Water Bottle $5
UBF Glow in the Dark Water Bottle $6
UBF T-Shirt $15
UBF Ladies Skull Tee $20

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