UBF Policies and procedures

Reservation Policy:  

Reservations are available 48 hours before each class for registered users through MindBody Online.  Choose your class and reserve a cycle.  You will then be prompted for payment or a credit will be charged from your existing package.  Each 1 Hour class equals 2 credits and each 1/2 hour class equals 1 credit.  If purchasing a package, your credits will be deducted from your account accordingly.  Please arrive early to claim a cycle.  Cycle choice and location will be on a first come, first serve basis once you arrive.

Class Cancellation Policy:

A reserved cycle in a class may be cancelled without penalty up to 1 hour before the scheduled class.  If the class is not cancelled within that time, the appropriate credits will be charged.  There are otherwise, no refunds unless a class is cancelled by Urban BODY Fusion.

Clothing Requirement and Recommendations for Your Ride

Please wear rubber soled shoes if riding a Krankcycle.  If you are wearing cycling shoes with plastic bottoms, you may either go barefoot or change into sneakers during the switch in a Krankfusion ride.  No cut offs or flip flops will be allowed on the cycles. Cycling shoes and shorts are not a requirement but will enhance your ride.  You may bring your own towel or use the white towels available on the locker shelves at UBF.  If you would like to purchase our UBF Yellow Plush Towel, please see the instructor. Water is required for your ride.  If you do not bring hydration, water will be available for purchase in The Urban Fuel Bar.  It is recommended that you arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your scheduled ride for cycle choice and set up.

UBF Rules & Procedures to Follow in Class

You must have Water and a Towel to ride.  Bikes must be wiped down after each use.  Please use the wipes in from the dispensers to wipe your bike when your have completed your ride.  Place borrowed white towels in black bin next to the locker shelves.  Locker shelves and key racks are provided for storing personal belongings during your ride and to keep the aisles clear.  Please note that Urban BODY Fusion is not responsible for your belongings.  

Please refrain from using a cell phone or mp3 player in the cycling room.  
If you need to take a call or text, please excuse yourself into the Urban Fuel Bar and Welcome Room in front of the store.  If you need to leave class early, please wipe your cycle and exit quietly. It is always encouraged for you to enjoy your ride with a friend and to make new ones at UBF.  It is, however, very distracting when there is chit chat between riders during class.
We ask very kindly that you save the chatter and enjoy some coffee and a snack in the Urban Fuel Bar and Welcome Room with your friend when the class has ended.  Urban BODY Fusion strives to offer an opportunity for a mind and body connection in each ride but has also created an atmosphere for a little socializing before and after class.

Urban BODY Fusion
Studio Cycling
Located at:  The Prep of South Tampa
4002 S  Coolidge Ave, Tampa, FL  33611

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