UBF Adventures

Urban BODY Fusion offers the element of surprise with occasional virtual ride opportunities, full of adrenaline and adventure, enhancing your experience on our cycles to keep your blood pumping and full of positive energy.

The Finish Line - inspired by the Tour de France, this virtual Spinning® Experience is powered by a high-energy film, driving musical motivation and a Race Day ride design created by UBF owners, Scott and Dana Urban.  This ride is full of surprises and digs deep on a race day journey to Self-Empowerment.  Discover The Champion Within!

Take Flight "The Adrenaline Ride" - inspired by the freedom of flight and everything that flies, this virtual Full BODY Cycling Adventure is a RUSH!  Created by Dana Urban, this ride on the Spinner® and the Krankcycle® encourages you to spread your wings and experience flight in a virtual Krankfusion Full BODY Cycling Circuit.  Feel the Rush!

Gasparilla PIRATE INVASION "The Ride" - highly entertaining, full of pirate adventure, action scenes and special effects, Dana has created a rush on the cycles to pump you up during the festive time the Tampa Bay area knows as "Gasparilla".  This video is packed with local history, parade footage and scenes from The Pirates of the Caribbean!  

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