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Painting by UBF Rider, John Paul

Read what Urban BODY Fusion riders are saying about the benefits of Full BODY Cycling and the experience at UBF!  We are building a strong and friendly community of riders who are experiencing amazing results and overall health results from the classes offered in our unique studio setting.  Scroll down to share your experience with us.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how happy I am to have found you! I have always been a physically active person and for years(over 20) have belonged to the same gym. Unfortunately, I had noticed in the past few years that my gym routine was no longer keeping me in shape. As we age (women especially) our metabolism slows and changes start to happen. Also, I was starting to get bored with working out alone and using weights. I decided to try a "dance"ercize class. I did enjoy this for awhile, but soon felt a bit crowded and also tired of every month or so learning new steps and trying to keep up to speed. I then switched to running. I have always enjoyed running and even entered in a few races. I did notice some slight changes in my body shape but still felt something was missing. Then, one day I happened to read a post on a friends FB page. It was about Kranking. So, I did some research and became very intrigued by this workout. About 23 years ago I threw my back out and ever since then I have had back issues on and off. Also, my arms and back were becoming flabby and it drove me crazy! Kranking seemed like the perfect workout. Not only would it help to get rid of the back flab and arm jiggle, but would also strengthen my core! I started my first session at UBF in late August and was hooked from day! I love everything about the place! The energy there is fantastic. The instructors are very knowledgeable and you can tell that they really love what they are doing. I have also started spinning. At first was not a big fan but loved the idea of a full body workout. I can honestly say that I now look forward to the Krankfusion class. Such an amazing workout ! After only a few months of Kranking at UBF I have noticed a huge difference in my body. No more flabby back and yes, my arms are starting to look very toned. Some other benefits I have noticed are my posture has never been better and a smaller waist..bye bye muffin top!! Thank you so much UBF for bringing this awesome workout to Tampa. – Mary, Tampa FL

Kranking has changed my life. I have more upper body definition in my 40s than I have ever had. This is after years of lifting weights and swimming. UBF feels like my own personal gym. The personal attention from the instructors and fellow fitness enthusiasts is very motivating and encouraging. Looking forward to my next class! – Betty, Tampa, FL

I have been Kranking with Dana Urban for a year and love the new Krankfusion classes she now offers in her South Tampa studio, Urban BODY Fusion.  I find these classes safe and effective for all ages.  No matter the class, Urban BODY Fusion makes each one unique with great music, motivational coaching and real results.  I have lost 4 1/2 inches in my waste line since I started to attend group classes at Urban BODY Fusion.  Kranking has made a tremendous difference in my core, posture and pain I had once suffered in my back.  Kranking has made a huge difference in my life. – Ruth, St. Petersburg, FL

I was looking for an aerobic workout and had never taken a spin class before coming to Urban BODY Fusion.  The idea of getting an upper body cardiovascular workout with the Krankcycle sold me.  Dana and Paul are wonderful teachers and put a great deal of effort into the music and special videos for great “rides.”  I’ve even discovered the “endorphin high” I heard so much about…but never believed in. – Helen, Tampa, FL

As an active Triathlete I have become a strong advocate of the KrankFusion cycling program offered at Urban Body Fusion which combines both Spinning and Kranking.  I have found the program to be an excellent compliment to my outdoor training requirements.  The most significant impact I have realized is in my swimming.  I have established a number of 400m PR's over the past 4 months after hitting a plateau for over a year.  I've seen my 400m time drop from 7:30 to 6:15 which is big for me since I consider myself an average swimmer.  I attribute this to improving my overall upper body muscular strength and endurance as well as establishing a stronger and more stable core.  I highly recommend you introduce yourself to the KrankFusion and/or Power Kranking program, it will benefit you greatly both mentally and physically.  The instructors at Urban BODY Fusion are very knowledgeable and motivating with inspirational coaching and great music to keep me moving throughout.  – David, Tampa, FL

Kranking has changed me.  After suffering from a permanently-broken collar bone for the last 17 years with chronic upper back, neck and shoulder pain as well as feeling unbalanced, I am finally recovering with Kranking! Not only has it improved my posture, it has balanced my arm, back and shoulder muscles and greatly lessened the everyday knots and muscle pain I used to have. The cardio fitness and core strengthening is phenomenal. Plus it's so much FUN with the awesome energy at Urban BODY Fusion! The great music, videos colors, atmosphere and inspiring instructors make workouts at UBF exciting and enjoyable. -Erin, Tampa, FL

I have never been much for exercising; I generally found it a drudge and something to make myself do for my own benefit. I attended my first Krankfusion class at Urban BODY Fusion and was immediately hooked...with fabulous music and energy it was actually incredibly fun and I left sweating, happy and not feeling like I went to go “work out”! As a nurse who must reposition patients frequently and a sailor who likes to race competitively, I have found a great increase in my core and upper body strength, which has benefited me tremendously. I love KrankFusion and it is now my “work out” of choice!!  Thank you Urban BODY Fusion for bringing Kranking to Tampa Bay! – Dawn, Tampa, FL

Since I started Kranking with Dana Urban in her home studio in 2010, I have noticed a strengthening of my core and upper body. An added benefit was my increased distance, power and straighter drives on the golf course.  I now take classes 2 to 3 times a week at Dana’s new studio, Urban BODY Fusion, which offers even more energy from the special lighting and group motivation.  I would recommend UBF and Kranking to anyone who wants to improve their game on the golf course or in life!!!!!  I have been a Spinner for years, but adding Kranking to the mix has really changed my game. – Steph, Tampa, FL

I first tried Kranking at Urban BODY Fusion in August of 2012.  In just a few months of regular Kranking and Krankfusion classes, I have lost 6 inches in my waste line and have bicep muscles for the first time in my life.  I love the Johnny G Krankcycle and now have a new addiction in my life that’s here to stay….Kranking! – John, Tampa, FL

As an avid Adventure Racer, I have found Kranking and Krankfusion to be an exceptional workout to add to my training schedule.  Kranking has increased my overall core and upper body strength, translating to improved performance and speed in a kayak.  The Krankfusion workout offered at Urban BODY Fusion has increased my endurance on my mountain bike, my trail runs and my trips down the river in a kayak.  I am now experiencing more speed, stability, power and endurance on the trails and have improved my time to be more competitive with my races. – Scott, Tampa, FL

I have experienced weight loss, added core strength and changes in my golf game thanks to Kranking at Urban BODY Fusion.  Kranking has increased my upper body and core strength for an added 20 yards to my golf swing.  I currently ride at least 2 days a week for the energy and the release offered by the music and experience at UBF.  Enhancing my stamina and improving my golf game have been an added bonus to the benefits of the Krankcycle! – Ed, Tampa, FL

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Bridget said:   July 15, 2014 6:47 am PST
This has been a fantastic addition to my exercise routine! I have lost over 14lbs over 3 months and started seeing big changes in my body. I love the music, the teachers and the routines. They are never the same and sometimes we get one of Dana's "moveies"! Love it Love it Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary said:   December 17, 2012 4:30 am PST
So happy to have found this place! Great workout and fantastic energy, not only from the instructors but also from the riders! Thanks UBF for helping me to achieve my fitness goals!!

Dawn Stowers said:   August 3, 2012 9:07 pm PST
So happy for you! You will do awesome.

Lisa Reins said:   July 24, 2012 7:15 am PST
Website looks great Dana. Can't wait to see the studio!! Congrats!

Christina Dawson said:   July 20, 2012 3:18 pm PST
I love it!!!! I am so happy and proud for the Urbans!!!! Hope to be up there soon!!!

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