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Class Descriptions / Schedule

Krankfusion® Full BODY Cycling Circuit

Saddle up for a full body workout with the opportunity to add resistance and power through.  Krankfusion allows an opportunity to get the best of both cycling worlds with 22 -24 minutes of Kranking and 22-24 minutes of Spinning.  Build endurance, increase muscle tone and strengthen the core on flats and rolling hills with the upper and lower body.  This 1 Hour Full Body Circuit will allow time in between to wipe down and switch cycles.  We will complete this ultimate workout with Core in 5 and a Deep Breath Stretch.  Krankfusion is our most popular class and a great introduction to both cycles.  The energy offered in this class is amazing and can be addictive.  All Levels are always welcome.

HIIT IT! Spin/Krank/Plank 

Torch Calories and get ready to sweat!  This 1 Hour High Intensity workout uses both cycles and the HIIT method (High Intensity Interval Training), taking your workout to the next level.  With Intervals ranging from 4-12 Minutes on each cycle, you will be challenged to push your limits and raise your heart rate in a 40 minute Interval Workout on the Spinner and Krankcycle.  This series of Intervals on the cycles will be followed by an 8 minute Plank Interval Drill Set and approximately 12 minutes of Full BODY Stretching. (Rubber soled shoes are recommended for this ride - You will NOT need your cycling shoes)

30 Minute KRANK Express®

This 30 Minute express class is limited to 10 riders on the Krankcycle for a quick, yet powerful Kranking session offering explosive energy with thumping music and motivating instruction for the upper body and core.  Whether you're short on time or just looking for a quick way to cross train, you'll give your body a boost in a flash.


Spinning® is an indoor cycling experience with a focus on timing, rhythm and explosive energy with the potential of burning 400-800 calories a ride depending on your intensity. This 1 Hour class follows the Spinning Program and energy zones with driving music, motivational instruction and inspiration to power the pedals. The actual ride is about 45minutes followed by Core in 5 and a Deep Breath Stretch for an unforgettable fat and calorie burning experience on the 2011 NXT Spinner bike.  Come feel the high we bring to you with Spinning!

KRANK® Circuit

A Full Body Circuit Workout that may include the Krankcycle, the Spinner bike, Kettlebells, Free Weights, Medicine Balls, CrossCore® Rotational Body Weight Training and more. This one hour workout is designed to give you a cardiovascular workout as well as resistance training using various equipment and/or weights. Seven stations will last up to 90 seconds with short transition periods in between. If you are searching for a workout to shake up your routine and add resistance training, this class is for you. All Levels are Welcome and your motivational coach will offer modifications for all exercises. Mix up your routine and experience change, try Krank® Circuit!


KRANK Circuit in 1/2 the time for 1/2 the price.  Crunched for time? or want to add a 1/ 2 hour of resistance training to enhance your cycling workout?  This class offers 5 stations at 1:20 each and is an excellent workout for the entire body with a heavy focus on the Core.  Excellent results and Energy Boost in just 30 Minutes.

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