About UBF

Urban BODY Fusion is a vision of a cycling girl's dream and we are now celebrating 2 amazing years in business.  It is owned and operated by Dana Urban of Tampa, Florida. Dana holds fitness certifications for Mad Dogg Athletics Spinning®, the Johnny G Krankcycle®, Personal Training, Boot Camp, CPR, First Aid, and Group Exercise.  A cycler both on and off road since childhood, Dana has also been teaching Spinning for the past several years.  It is a true passion for Dana to instruct with creativity using inspiring music and even creating adrenaline packed video for your riding pleasure.  Dana is known by her riders to think outside of the box, using music from all genres, creative ride design and a class full of energy and fun.  "This is No Ordinary Ride!"

It is Dana's dream to operate a boutique style cycling studio that offers an exciting and fun way to exercise through music, exhilarating video and two magnificent machines created by the great Johnny G.  When introduced to the Johnny G Krankcycle in 2011, Dana started exploring options to bring the Krankcycle to Tampa.  After training individuals and small groups on the Spinner and the Krankcycle from her home studio called Fusion mind, body, spirit, it became obvious that this machine and the combination of the two should be introduced to a greater population.  The Krankcycle is appropriate and beneficial for all levels and even allows those with lower body disabilities to participate. UBF has been designed to accommodate those in wheelchairs with ADA restroom facilities, handicapped parking, easy access through the studio, and Krankcycles lined up on the back row with removable seats for wheelchair access.  This opportunity opens the world of indoor cycling up to many who could not otherwise participate in a group exercise class environment.  Kranking is also be very beneficial for children ages 8 and up, increasing focus, right/left brain balance and core strength.  Bring the whole family in for a ride.  Ages 8-14 must be accompanied by an adult and  must be 4'9 tall to ride the Spinner®.  All sizes 8+ years can ride the Krankcycle.  
Waivers must be signed for all participants.

Urban BODY Fusion is Tampa's first cycling studio to offer Kranking, in fact, the closest place you can even consider taking a Kranking class is over 150 miles away. Kranking has spread across California, all over Europe and just started to trickle across the state of New York.  We are pleased to offer such a unique and innovative approach to upper body, cardiovascular exercise.

In her sought out dream to open a cycling studio, Dana imagined a room filled with energy, excitement, and of course, color.  The color you'll find inside UBF on the walls and in the special lighting is designed to ignite your senses and take you into a zone. When you find a true connection between your mind and your body, your natural rhythm allows you to flow through the movements with ease and control.  This rhythmic movement will take you on a journey into yourself where you may find emotion, strength, self-confidence and determination.  All these feelings and more are just a cycle away at Urban BODY Fusion where it's always "Your Ride"!  We strive to build a stronger self through the experience, the exercise, and the feeling in mind, body and spirit.

Dana Urban is joined at UBF by husband, Scott Urban.  Scott is an experienced mountain biker, adventure racer, triathlete and business man.  Scott is now certified to instruct Kranking and Spinning classes and will help out by occasionally subbing a class and joining Dana on the Instructor stage in various classes at UBF.  

Our Instructors at UBF are certified with Mad Dogg Athletics (Spinning) and/or Johnny G Kranking.  We currently have a team of Instructors that not only share a passion for all things fitness, but for the love of motivation through music and movement.  We are joined by Marj Pacific and Liz Kieffer.  Each of these individuals are very passionate about our cycling program, their ride profiles and music selection.

We look forward to taking you on a ride!  For further Motivation, Inspiring Doses and Healthy Eating tips, visit
Fusion mind...body...spirit, Dana's first website full of healthful tips for a healthier you in mind, body and spirit.

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