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UBF Family and Newcomers, 

We are currently holding classes with our regular schedule, but we are closing our doors later this month.  Our last class will be a special 90 Minute Krankfusion Ride with Dana on Saturday January 23 at 9:15am. Family duties are calling and requiring us to make a change.  We have enjoyed each and every ride, your smiling faces, and your outpouring of support for the past 3 1/2 years.  We will keep those of you on our mailing list up to date on future plans for our cycles, UBF community gatherings, and where you might find us next.

Yours Truly,
Dana Urban
 Welcome to Urban BODY Fusion!
South Tampa's Premier Full BODY Cycling Studio


Improve Cardiovascular Health
Build & Tone Muscle
Burn Fat & Torch Calories
Increase Strength
Sculpt & Balance the Core
Increase Speed & Endurance
Release Stress with Enhanced Lighting
Free Your Mind with Inspiring Music
Superior Motivation for All Levels
The Only Kranking Studio in Tampa Bay 

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Located at:  The Prep of South Tampa
4002 S Coolidge Ave
Tampa, FL  33611

Experience Full BODY Studio cycling
  • Located in the heart of South Tampa, this unique and intimate boutique-style studio offers group indoor cycling classes with the new and exciting combo of SPINNING® and KRANKing®.  
  • Enhanced with special lighting, outrageous color, motivational instruction, rockin' tunes and occasional video projection rides, UBF is open to all levels of fitness. 
  • Those with lower body injuries or disabilities and even children ages 8 and up are encouraged to try  Kranking or what is known as cycling for the upper body.  
  • Our most popular class format is Krankfusion® with the opportunity to experience both lower and upper body cycling in a 1 hour class on a Spinner NXT and Johnny G Krankcycle- The Ultimate Full BODY Workout. 
  • This unique experience in studio cycling will take you on a journey to Self-Empowerment and is designed to Inspire the Mind, Motivate the Body and Liberate the Spirit for healthier cycles of life!

SPINNING® is a cardiovascular exercise on a stationary bike with the ability to add resistance and mimic outdoor riding.  At UBF, each Spinning class is lead by a Mad Dogg Certified Spinning Instructor to motivate and inspire with music, occasional video, and creative class design.  We love Spinning and stay true to the official Spinning Program.  Find a connection between the mind and the body to uplift the spirits in this high calorie burning, energetic and fun way to sweat.  

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is a new form of cardiovascular exercise on the new, innovative Johnny G KRANKCYCLE® designed to work the upper body and core muscles.  It is basically cycling for the upper body with the ability to add resistance and work the arms together or independently.  The Johnny G KRANKCYCLE® is designed in such a way to also work for people with lower body disabilities, allowing them to benefit from cardiovascular exercise in an energized group setting.  With the capability to add or release resistance on these cycles, you will start to acknowledge your true strength and endurance, ultimately making an improvement in your overall power.  Let's Krank It Up!  
Click Here to find out more about Kranking®!

SPINNING® and KRANKing® combined offer a one of a kind workout for the full body in a group class called KRANKFUSION®This indoor full BODY cycling class will benefit you and your senses in a cardiovascular workout with resistance in a one hour class using the Spinner NXT and Johnny G Krankcycle, burning anywhere from 500 - 900 calories a session. Both Spinning and Kranking offer the opportunity to find rhythm with high and low intensity work so you are not only connecting with your body, but also with your mind.  This is the Ultimate Full Body Workout to improve cardiovascular health, increase upper and lower body strength, promote weight loss, release stress, and build a solid fitness foundation!  Krankfusion also offers a great indoor option for the athlete and cross training for sports such as golf, tennis, baseball, swimming, rowing, softball, and more.



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